Three new cases of Zika reported, dual from new cluster during Glasgow Road

National Environment Agency (NEA) reported two new cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection from the Glasgow Road area, adding that both cases are from residents in the vicinity.

This new cluster was told on Thursday (20 April) and the group has commenced matrix control operations and overdo efforts in the cluster area.

The first cluster at Simon Place, has been closed.

The matter from NEA also pronounced that an additional box has also been reliable at Poh Huat Road West (Nouvelle Park), so expanding the original cluster at Poh Huat Terrace and Terrasse Lane.

The number of cases reported at the Flower Road and Hendry Close cluster stays at two.

NEA urges residents and stakeholders to say commitment and continue to discharge butterfly tact habitats, as there could still be asymptomatic or mild, undiagnosed cases which might outcome in serve delivery of the virus if there are mosquitoes in the vicinity.

The group remarkable that it has been conducting surety inspections in the closeness even before the cluster at Glasgow Road area was told to detect and destroy any intensity butterfly tact habitats, as well as stability with matrix control operations in the Flower Road and Hendry Close area as well as the Poh Huat Road West (Nouvelle Park) / Poh Huat Terrace and Terrasse Lane cluster areas.

“Together with grassroots volunteers, overdo efforts are stability in the closeness of Flower Road / Hendry Close and Poh Huat Road West (Nouvelle Park) / Poh Huat Terrace / Terrasse Lane to discharge Zika information leaflets and insect repellents to households to lift ubiquitous recognition of Zika, echo the need for source rebate to forestall butterfly tact and advise residents to request repellent as a precaution,” the group stated.

NEA also asks residents to concede the officers to lift out inspections and indoor spraying of their homes, propelling all residents and stakeholders to say commitment and take evident stairs to discharge butterfly tact habitats by practising the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout.

NEA stressed that most people putrescent with the Zika virus do not rise symptoms, which heightens the risk of a Zika resurgence as it might take some time before a reintroduced Zika virus is detected.

With the participation of the Aedes mosquito matrix here, everybody contingency continue to say commitment and play his part to forestall destiny localised delivery through eradicating butterfly tact habitats in our neighbourhoods.

It also advises members of the open to find medical courtesy if they are unwell, generally with symptoms such as heat and unreasonable and should also surprise their doctors of the plcae of their chateau and workplace.

Updated information on Zika and sum on stream clusters can be performed from NEA’s website: and



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