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New cases of Zika have slim off in 2017. Click on picture for incomparable view. (Graphic by the V.I. Department of Health)

New cases of Zika have slim off in 2017. Click on picture for incomparable view. (Graphic by the V.I. Department of Health)

The V.I. Department of Health reported no new cases of Zika in the weekly report, released Tuesday. On Friday the dialect reliable the territory’s first box of Zika-related microcephaly.

Zika can means unborn babies to be innate with developmental defects including prophesy issues and microcephaly, a condition in which an infant’s conduct is smaller than average.

Depending on how serious their microcephaly is, infants with microcephaly might knowledge other problems, such as developmental delay, feeding problems, and seizures,” the DOH reported.

In announcing the microcephaly box Friday, Health Commissioner Michelle S. Davis pronounced officials were saddened to news the but added, “We are not astounded due to the high rate of internal smoothness in the territory.”

Health has been contrast profound women for Zika via the conflict and has been monitoring those who exam certain for Zika for signs of microcephaly, which is infrequently probable to diagnose through an ultrasound test.

Nykole Tyson, Heath’s executive of open relations, pronounced because of remoteness issues she could not criticism on either the infant’s condition was famous before birth due to remoteness issues.

The DOH continues to sojourn observant in the quarrel opposite Zika by providing Zika impediment kits to profound women, giveaway matrix control services, education, and training to clinicians and medical providers,” Tyson said.

Vector control is a module to extent or exterminate mammals, birds or insects broadcast illness pathogens. In the box of Zika, DOH is seeking to exterminate the mosquitoes that lift the virus.

Tyson pronounced Health has supposing matrix control to approximately 10,000 establishments territory-wide, including homes, businesses, schools, daycare centers, landfills and deserted lots.

Epidemiologist Dr. Esther Ellis pronounced officials are gripping a tighten eye on the territory’s smoothness bedrooms this summer.

“The domain is still saying a low-level of Zika transmission. Between now and Aug is when the infancy of births from Zika certain profound women will occur,” she said.

Since the conflict was first rescued in the domain in late Jan 2016, a sum of 1,258 people have tested certain for the virus. New cases per week have significantly decreased in 2017 with the conflict peaking in St. Thomas late last summer and in the tumble on St. Croix.

According to published information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 90 to 99 percent of women putrescent with Zika during pregnancy will have a normal birth outcome.

Excluding cases in profound women, St. Thomas now has 686 reliable cases and St. Croix has 251, while St. John stands at 89. Since the first internal box was announced in Jan 2016, a sum of 2,706 cases have come back disastrous and 13 are now tentative results.

Dengue is also present in the territory. When a chairman is tested for Zika, they are also screened for dengue and chikungunya. For that reason, Health has been tracking dengue cases since the start of the Zika conflict as well.

During the Zika outbreak, there have been 7 cases of dengue on St. Thomas, 10 on St. Croix and 2 on St. John.

More women are being tested for Zika than men, because of the developmental issues that Zika can means to unborn babies. Health has been proactively contrast profound women for the virus since the conflict began and has been giving out Zika impediment kits.

Health has not reported any hospitalizations or deaths as a outcome of Zika. There have also been no cases of Guillain-Barre` Syndrome, a commotion that’s been related to Zika that can outcome in stoppage as the body’s defence system attacks part of the marginal shaken system.

Zika’s most common symptoms are headache, fever, rash, corner pain and red eyes (conjunctivitis) and pain behind the eyes, which can make it formidable to heed from dengue. Conjunctivitis is not caused by dengue, however, so it can be a revealing pointer of carrying Zika.

The most common symptoms gifted by people in the domain who exam certain are unreasonable and corner pain. According to the CDC, the unreasonable customarily looks like small blotchy red rags or bumps and doesn’t always itch. The unreasonable reportedly starts most mostly on the face and then spreads to the rest of the physique over the course of a integrate days. It’s also common for people to news experiencing corner pain in the hands and feet as the infection progresses.

Health is propelling anyone experiencing these symptoms to get tested at one of the 12 giveaway contrast centers listed below. Once someone contracts Zika, it clears from the blood in one to two weeks and it’s believed that he or she is defence to removing it again.

Despite the flourishing number of cases around the world, there’s no medicine or vaccine for Zika yet, though doctors are operative to rise one. For now people who come down with the virus are speedy to rest and splash copiousness of fluids.

Both women and group can broadcast Zika sexually. The Virgin Islands has not reported any intimately transmitted cases, as it’s formidable to tell either a box was transmitted through passionate hit or through the punch of a butterfly when the illness is present locally in the butterfly race like it is here.

According to Health, people can strengthen themselves and their families from butterfly bites by following these 3 cautionary measures that start with a D:

Dress: Wear protecting wardrobe such as long sleeves, long pants and light colors;

Drain: Get absolved of H2O containers in and around your home;

Defend: Use repellant on unprotected skin and yield garments with one of several EPA–approved repellants.

Free Zika contrast is available for profound women regardless of if they are display symptoms or not and educational materials are being distributed in English and Spanish. Prevention apparatus kits with equipment like butterfly nets, insect repellent and condoms are being given divided giveaway of assign to profound women at the following locations:

On St. Croix

Department of Health MCH Clinic

Department of Health WIC Clinic

Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center

Frederiksted Health Center

On St. John

Health Care Connection

Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center

On St. Thomas

Department of Health MCH Clinic (Pediatric)

Department of Health Community Health Clinic (Prenatal)

Roy Lester Schneider Hospital

East End Medical Center

For internal information about Zika virus, call the Department of Health Emergency Operations Center at 340–712–6205. For more ubiquitous information about the Zika virus, call fee free: 1–800–CDC–INFO.

Health is also partnering with several labs and clinics via the domain to yield giveaway virus contrast for anyone who is display symptoms. The dialect pronounced that if you are incited divided from contrast or are told to compensate for contrast then to call Health, since it has agreements in place with several facilities. These places should not be charging for Zika testing:

On St. Croix:

Acute Alternative Medical Group, 772–2883.

Beeston Hill Clinical Lab, 773–4990.

Clinical Laboratory Inc. (Sunny Isle), 778–5369.

Frederiksted Health Care, Inc., 772–0260.

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital Medical Center, 778–6311.

Primary Care PLLC, 718–7788.

On St. John:

Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center, 693–8900.

On St. Thomas:

Community Medical Laboratory, 776–7444.

Cranston/Dottin Biomedical Lab, 774–6256.

Doctors Clinical Laboratory, 774–2760.

Havensight Medical Laboratory, 774–5515.

Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, 776–8311.

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