In Texas, “knowledge gap” creates fighting Zika even harder

The hazard of the Zika virus is expected to lapse to Texas this summer, and, as KUT reports, one of the biggest problems health experts are entrance up opposite is a opening in believe among citizens. A recent investigate conducted by the University of Texas’s Medical Branch has found that many exposed Texas women aren’t wakeful of their risk for infection. Likewise, many women in the state still don’t know how to strengthen themselves.

The mosquito-borne Zika virus has been related to fetal mind defects in putrescent women who give birth.

One of the biggest believe gaps is that many women don’t know the illness isn’t just widespread by mosquitos, but can also be engaged through passionate intercourse. Furthermore, 80 percent of the study’s respondents weren’t wakeful that putrescent people don’t indispensably uncover symptoms.

The investigate also unclosed a Zika stigma. Thirty percent of women pronounced they would expected keep it a tip if they were diagnosed with the virus.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says they’re formulation a debate to teach Texas women this summer.

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