Royal Oak’s Beaumont Hospital Develops Zika Virus Test – Patch

ROYAL OAK, MI — Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak has grown a quick, arguable Zika virus test. Announced Monday, it’s a elementary urine exam that produces results in reduction than 30 minutes. While the virus doesn’t poise an impassioned risk to adults, babies innate with the virus mostly have lifelong, harmful birth defects. “Couples perplexing […]

Health officials titillate counsel when roving as Zika stays a threat

HARLINGEN, Texas — As summer approaches, so does butterfly deteriorate and with the Zika virus still spreading, health officials are propelling everybody to not only take surety measures, but to get tested as well. One of the hardest strike areas with the Zika virus is South Texas. Valeria Gonzalez is 28 weeks into her pregnancy […]

Actions Needed to Ensure Improved Response to Zika Virus Disease Outbreaks

What GAO Found Since Zika virus illness was a newly rising illness hazard in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the states were not entirely versed with indispensable information and resources at the commencement of the outbreak. This presented several hurdles for notice and investigate efforts, such as substantiating […]

Zika virus fears might have been overblown, says Government Accountability Office

The Obama administration’s close Zika maps might have unnecessarily “spread fear” last year about the risk areas for constrictive the virus from mosquitos, Congress’s tip watchdog pronounced Tuesday. The Government Accountability Office pronounced the Centers for Disease Control “painted with a extended brush” in maps that showed whole states as butterfly medium when only certain […]

DNR wants assistance to stop widespread of fish virus – The Times Herald

The state Department of Natural Resources is perplexing to extent the widespread of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus.(Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources) Robert Sniegocki was going to fish for roost in the St. Clair River on Tuesday, but first he had to locate his bait. Sniegocki was dipping for minnows behind the Port Huron wastewater […]

New investigate finds urine exam could detect Zika virus quickly, strengthen unborn babies

“Most adults with Zika have amiable flu-like symptoms or no symptoms at all.  Couples perplexing to detect might not even know if they are putrescent and at risk,” Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak urology scientist Laura Lamb, Ph.D., said. Dr. Lamb and her Beaumont colleagues grown a quick, elementary exam for Zika virus so easy to […]

Pscheidt: How to rate viruses

Bing cherries display symptoms of little cherry illness on left, with healthy cherries on right. (Courtesy Washington State Univeristy) With three-dozen different viruses that can be found on cherry trees, which ones do growers need to worry about? Cherry viruses were rated on a 0 to 10 scale, where 0 equals “no need to worry […]

Connected thermometer information used to envision influenza outbreaks

Researchers have used information collected by connected thermometers to predict the conflict of an influenza outbreak. An research of information from users of the iThermometer wearable and the messenger app in China likely the spike in the 2015-16 influenza deteriorate one month before the country’s open health body.  A group operative out of Boston, Massachusetts, published the […]

Poor and infirm large losers in Trump budget; troops wins – Virginian

WASHINGTON (AP) — The bad and the infirm are big losers in President Donald Trump’s $4.1 trillion check offer while the Pentagon is a big winner. Trump’s devise for the check year commencement Oct. 1 creates low cuts in reserve net programs, including Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The offer also includes big […]